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About Ants

A relative of wasps and bees these little things can be a big pest. Craving our sugary foods and snacks ants will appear in vast numbers if you have something they want to eat.

The common ant which causes an issue in UK homes is the common garden ant (Lasius niger) but other species have been found and can be more difficult to control. A spray treatment may be appropriate for a garden ant but spraying tropical imports may make your problem worse. Some species have a survival technique where they will create new nests if workers fail to return from their foraging mission.

Ant Treatments.

The first step is always an identification of the species of ant present.

Once identified there are a number of treatment options available to the pest professional. Insecticide baits, sprays and dusts are all available for ant control. Our professional will choose the right treatment for your problem so you to remove the pesky pests as quickly as possible.

Quotes for garden ants can usually be done using our online quote request form. If you would prefer to get a call back to discuss your issue please use the contact form or give us a call.