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Pest Control In Biggleswade

Peledex provide pest control services in Biggleswade and surrounding areas. Based in Biggleswade we are a local pest control company.

We provide a full range of pest control services in Biggleswade for Domestic and commercial customers. In addition to general pest control treatments against mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, wasps and other pests we also provide disinfection treatments and bird proofing.

Rodent Control In Biggleswade

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If you are looking for rodent control in Biggleswade we can help you. We provide a full range of services for rodent control in Biggleswade. Whether your issue is mice, rats or even squirrels we can help you. As members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) you can relax knowing our technicians have the training and qualifications to do the job right.

All our rodent treatments come with a thorough inspection to identify likely entry points and help you to prevent future activity.

Guaranteed Wasp Nest Removal in Biggleswade

We offer Guaranteed wasp nest treatments and wasp nest removal in Biggleswade. Call us today for a quote on 01767686218 We can provide a wasp nest quote in minutes over the phone. Our technician will asses the location of the nest and determine the best method of treating on the day of the visit. The technician will remove the wasp nest after treatment if this can be carried out safely. Often a nest can not be removed but once successfully treated with insecticide a nest will not be reused by the wasps so removal is not necessary.

Guaranteed wasp nest treatment in Biggleswade, our wasp nest treatments are guaranteed, although usually one treatment is enough to kill off a wasp nest (in 2023 92% of nests were successfully treated in 1 visit) occasionally a nest will need more than one treatment. The price we quote covers any extra visits required to treat the nest. Not only do you get a guarantee on the nest treated if you are unlucky enough to find another nest later in the year you will get a discounted rate for additional nests treated for the rest of the season.

Guaranteed Bed bug treatments in Biggleswade.

We provide guaranteed bed bug treatments in Biggleswade. Bed bugs can be difficult to eradicate, even for professionals, our professional bed bug treatments are highly effective and backed by our 2 month guarantee so you can relax knowing your bed bug problem will be solved.

Guaranteed Ant Removal in Biggleswade

Our pest control service in Biggleswade includes guaranteed control of ants indoors. If you have an issue with ants in your kitchen (or anywhere else in your home or commercial building) our professional treatment will eradicate them. Usually 1 visit is enough to treat ants but our ant treatments come with a guarantee so if you need further treatment there is no additional cost.

Ant Control in Bedfordshire

Other Pest Control in Biggleswade

We carry out a full range of pest treatments in Biggleswade. Other pests covered by our Biggleswade team include:

  • Rat Control in Biggleswade
  • Mouse Control in Biggleswade
  • Squirrel Control in Biggleswade
  • Cockroach Control in Biggleswade
  • Bed bug Control in Biggleswade
  • Ant Control in Biggleswade
  • Mole Control in Biggleswade
  • Clothes Moth Control in Biggleswade
  • Bird Control in Biggleswade
  • Commercial Pest Control in Biggleswade