Bed Bugs

It is not unusual to find bed bugs in furniture joints, electrical sockets, mattress seams or even tucked in behind wall paper.

About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the hardest pests to get rid of using DIY methods. They have developed resistance to some insecticides so the best method of control is to do multiple treatments using different active ingredients.

Bed bugs are great hiders they will sneak in behind wallpaper, squeeze into gaps in furniture and even get into electrical sockets.

Bed Bug Treatments

Because bed bugs are so difficult to remove we would always recommend a professional treatment.

Professional pest controllers have access to the best insecticides which are not available to the amateur user and also have the knowledge and experience to find all the hiding bugs.


Before a professional treatment you can help to prepare the area by boxing up loose items, removing and washing bedding on a hot wash and also moving furniture to ensure easy access.


After completion of treatment we will leave you with bed bug detectors which you can check to give you peace of mind that your pest problem is resolved.

If you have bed bugs you let our pest professionals take care of them for you.