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Moths, Silverfish & Other Insect Pests

Adult moths do not feed it is the larvae who do the damage so an aerosol treatment will do little to stop the damage being done to your carpets and jumpers.

Clothes Moths

There are 2 main types of clothes moth known to invade homes in the UK.

They are The Common Clothes Moth (Tineola bisselliella) and the Case Bearing Clothes Moth (Tinea pellionella) In recent years these two have been joined by the Pale Backed Clothes Moth (Monopis crocicapitella) which has been appearing in increasing numbers in the UK.

Although the Pale Backed Clothes Moth remains a bit of a mystery it is thought it is believed to be capable of damage in much the same way as the more regular two.

Adult moths do not feed it is the larvae who do the damage so an aerosol treatment will do little to stop the damage being done to your carpets and jumpers.

We carry out a 6 week treatment and monitoring program as we know these pests can be resilient and the extended monitoring period will help ensure we find and treat all harbourages.


Silverfish can be seen as beneficial as they can be an early warning sign of issues with damp however they can still do some damage to papers and books and are rather unsightly.

When treating silverfish we will try to locate any damp issues, use monitoring traps to understand where the insects are accumulating and use insecticide treatments and desiccant dusts to kill off any live silverfish. It is important to note that as well as the usual silverfish you may have seen there are an increasing number of grey silverfish which are more resilient to conventional treatment methods so monitoring traps are a vital tool to help to capture and identify the species present.

Stored Product Moths

Another type of moth which may be invading your home is the stored product moth an example of which is the Indian Meal Moth (Plodia interpunctella). Stored product moths will feed on flour, grains and other dry foods. Usually all that is required to deal with these is to find the food source, remove it and clean the area however with an increase in recent years in sustainable and natural products the sources are not always located in your food cupboard. There have been a number of cases of stored product moths and beetles living on grains inside microwavable bears as the fillings are usually made from grain.

Stored Product Beetle

Much like the stored product moth there are also a number of species of stored product beetle. An example of which is the biscuit beetle (Stegobium panecium) and again much like the moths the key to dealing with this pest is identification and removal of the food source and cleaning of affected area.

Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetles are similar in behaviour and lifecycle to the clothes moth and a treatment can be provided for them. Carpet beetles are usually easier to control and a 4 visit treatment would usually be adequate.

Other Pests

This is not an exhaustive list of household pests, if you don’t find the pest you are looking for detailed on this site don’t worry we can still help you.

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